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Embody the Light Laws

Align Your Life

Are You Ready to radically transform your life?

What to Expect

The Align Course is designed to help you connect emotionally, mentally. physically and spiritually with your highest, truest, most authentic self.

In this immersive online course you will align with your limitless potential and your truest most authentic self. For 12 weeks you will learn to embody and embrace the Light Laws of the Universe and how to live in true soul alignment so that you may connect with your fullest potential and limitless power.


Weekly Virtual Classrooms with Charlene Lizette

Every week you'll join your classmates and participate in interactive 1 hour classes lead by Spiritual Teacher, Charlene Lizette. Through this online learning experience you'll understand the purpose of the Light Laws and how embodying them will transform all aspects of your life. Charlene will teach you how to embrace the Light Laws of the Universe so you may obtain what you have always desired and what you deserve. You'll learn how to apply the Light Laws for financial abundance, Love, life fulfillment and so much more.

Pre Recorded Educational Videos

Each week you will learn the importance of discipline and routine as you watch pre-recorded educational videos lead by Charlene Lizette. These videos have been created to teach you the theory behind each Light Law and the purpose each Light Law has as they support you in radically transforming your life. You are encouraged to follow along with the weekly schedule of each video as the pre-recorded video themes will align with the live classroom sessions.

Dedicated One on One sessions with Charlene Lizette

The one on one sessions with Charlene are designed to help you peel away the layers that hold you back from embodying the Light Laws and implementing them in your life. Spiritual Teacher, Charlene, will work with you through live and interactive 30 minute coaching sessions and support you along your journey. Each week Charlene will guide you as you transform your life spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. In these sessions Charlene will show you how to be your own light in your alignment and enlightenment journey.

Weekly Journaling Worksheets

Self reflection, introspection and mastery of the mind are key skills that will support you in going deeper in your journey inward. It is in the depths of the shadow self and our own darkness where we discover the self limiting beliefs and the self sabotaging patterns that hold us back from aligning with our truest most authentic self. Through your journaling practice you will uncover the meaning of radical self love, authenticity, values and confidence. 

It's Time To Align Your Life 

Align Course Information

Next Course Begins: March 3rd, 2022 

All classes are held during Eastern Standard Time

fee $4000 CAD (payment plans available)

The course is a 12-week commitment

12 x 1 hour live & interactive class Thursdays @ 12PM

12 x 30 minute weekly 1 on 1 session with Charlene

12 x Weekly Pre recorded video teachings

12 x Weekly Journaling Worksheets

Classes fill up fast, please register early. 


What You'll need to Bring

NoteBook & Pen

An Open Mind

A Willingness to Face your Fears

Desire to Radically Transform Your Life

What are the Light Laws?

Watch this quick video by Charlene Lizette as she explains The Light Laws and how they positively transformed her life.