Tarot Intensive


Moon Rituals

Moon Rituals

As a Moon Member you will have access to participate in live intimate and interactive Monthly New Moon and Full Moon Rituals lead by Charlene Lizette. Practice gratitude, manifestation, releasing while amplifying your energy as you work align side fellow community members. 

Together we are stronger.

Moon Cycles

Did you know that there are 4 primary moon phases and 8 moon phases in total? Each phase offers its own energy and gifts to support you in your spiritual journey. As a StarSea Society Moon Member you'll have access to further understanding of how to connect with La Luna and her infinite power through exclusive teachings with Charlene Lizette.


StarSea Society

Become a part of a like minded community focused on aligning with the energy of the Universe. The Moon Membership offers you exclusive access to a private Facebook Community where you'll have tools and knowledge to help you with your spiritual practice. Learn about the use of herbs, crystals, candles and much more.