Our Review of Weird but True

Reading has always been a tradition for Charlie and I. We spend time before bed reading and engulfing ourselves in the adventures between the pages and when we wake up we pick one book to read and set the tone for our day.

Nothing excites Charlie more than learning something new, exploring the images and getting to hear all about the adventures the characters in books have.

When we were chosen to participate in the National Geographic Weird but true campaign, I was ecstatic. These books aren’t traditional story books but what makes them so cool is that each page offers vibrant images with easy to read facts that I knew would be right up Charlies alley.

Obviously, I was right. As we cracked open each book Charlies eyes lit up with excitement. He would study each image and ask me to read him the facts stated on the pages. We would then talk about what they meant how they had on impact on us and our planet and we would do this with each page.

When he’d learn something new he’d squeal and say “WOW MOMMY THATS SO COOL!!” and when he didn’t understand a fact he would ask me question upon question until he felt understood.

National Geographic Kids Weird but true and Moms Meet did a fantastic job with this campaign.

The books encourage exploration, imagination and fuelled a thirst for knowledge in Charlie. Even though Charlie is 3 and just starting to learn how to read I know these books will continue to provide so much knowledge and information to Charlie in the years to come.

I totally recommend getting your hands on National Geographic Kids books, not only are they educational but so much fun!

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