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This powerful combination is designed for Healers and Healing alike. While Clear Quartz amplifies the intention and energy of this bracelet, the combination of dark and light Amethyst along side with Aquamarine promotes emotional and physical healing. Aquamarine's gentle energy helps to bring emotional patterns to the surface while providing clarity around the reasons one holds onto old patterns that limit growth and expansion. Amethyst is a stone of spirituality known to inspire an enhanced connection to the Divine.  It's high frequencies purify the aura of any negative attachments and creates a protective shield of light. This bracelet is perfect for Healers who work with the Divine as it supports a protective clear line of communication and as such was inspired by the Norse Goddess of Healing Eir.


This piece includes silver decorative beads that connect to the energy of the Moon.

Pairs well with Bellona.


Throat Chakra | Third Eye Chakra | Crown Chakra


16CM Bracelet Size

Aquarmarine Emerald cut stone 1" L x .75" W (all pieces include their own unique markings)

6MM Light & Dark Amethyst

6MM Clear Quartz

Bracelet available in Smaller or larger sizes via custom order*subject to fees*


All pieces are handmade and shipped out 8-14 business days after the order is placed


Handle with care. Showering and swimming with jewellery is not recommended. All jewellery has been cleansed and blessed by Charlene Lizette. It is recommended that all jewellery be charged and cleansed occasionally to help the stones operate optimally.

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