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Prepare to connect with your highest self and align with your true soul purpose.

When I first started my enlightenment journey, I found myself looking for community, like minded people and mentorship. The journey often felt alone and isolated so I built our Youtube Community with the mantra "together we can change the world". Over the past year our Tuesday lives on Youtube have gone from 10 people to over 100 and it continues to grow. 

The vision has always been to be able to support you all on a collective basis through connection, enlightenment, empowerment and education. While our Tuesday lives are a great way to begin the journey, there always needs to be a next step.

Being of service to you all is an honour and a humbling experience. Seeing you connect and align towards a greater good is powerful and hearing your stories as you make the conscious decision to step into your soul purpose with self love, grace and confidence is inspiring.

I'm so excited to be there and walk the journey with you but the final decision is in your hands, are you ready to align your life and tap into your limitless potential? 

This is how the StarSea Society can help you in your journey

StarSea Society was created to help you stay aligned in your spiritual journey. Consider it a community to help each other stay empowered and connected day to day. The secret sauce to enlightenment is consciousness and self awareness. Through StarSea Society we learn the process of showing up for our selves, being in gratitude for the gifts from the Universe and staying present in the journey. 

Each month I will host live and interactive New Moon and Full Moon Rituals where we will work together as a collective while harnessing the energy of the moon. You'll learn how to attract and manifest what you desire while collectively letting go of self limiting patterns.

You'll receive exclusive access to the VIP StarSea Society Facebook Group along with monthly mantra's to implement in your life and much more!


Moon Rituals

Participate in live, exclusive, interactive New Moon and Full Moon Rituals that include gratitude, manifestation and shedding. Learn how to work with the cycles of the moon.


Private Group

Find and connect with like minded individuals who are also experiencing their enlightenment journey. This group is meant to support and uplift one another with compassion.

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Receive Monthly Mantra's that can be used daily in your life and that can be downloaded to use as phone wallpapers or inspiration. Learn to create your own mantras.