This is for all the women who have walked away from relationships no longer serving them and have chosen to walk a new path in search of a better life.

 A little over two years ago I embarked on the journey of single motherhood. As a Hispanic woman, as a mom, as female, I have never felt so alone. 

I was tired of being the victim.

I was tired of settling so I could fit in.

The isolation of motherhood along side no longer fitting into the status quo of adulthood had me searching for a community of women like me. Single Mothers on a mission to empower their own lives.

And so, You're Single, Now What? was born. A space for women to talk about their journey. Their feelings. The stigmas they face around separation and divorce. Single parenting. The financial obstacles. The legal obstacles. Dating with kids and everything in between.

Most importantly though, this community is about support. It's about healing and learning to fall in love with your true authentic self after separation/divorce.


Our Community

Consider our Facebook Group your one stop shop for all things single motherhood. Need to vent? Wanna have drinks or coffee with other single moms? Have a question about coparenting? Going on a date after separation? This is space for you!


A Social Circle

 Single motherhood is full of unknowns. Emotions run high. How do you cope? How do you create a parenting schedule? What about budget and finances? If you require a Life Coach, Financial advise or legal next steps you've reached the right spot.

A Support System

Being a single mother doesn't mean you are a victim. This new journey is an opportunity to create the life you've always wanted. If you are looking to network. Start a new career but don't know how. Attend a healing session. Are new to the single mother scene. You've found your new family.


Community Events

What you can expect





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