Hello Magical Souls!

I'm Charlene Lizette, a Spiritual Teacher and Healer on a mission to empower women through their Spiritual Awakening Journey. After much resistance and many years of believing I wasn't enough, I took the leap of faith, followed my dreams and answered the call from the Universe. 

I am grateful to have been given the life purpose of supporting women, like you, as they walk through their spiritual journey.


Upon entering my journey of single motherhood, I witnessed first hand the limitations, blockages and hurdles women face that hold them back from coming into their true soul purpose.


Now I teach, inspire and help women heal so they may find their own voice, connect with Pacha Mama, the Cosmos and Divine Feminine. Empowering you to flourish and connect with your limitless potential and power is my life mission.


With the guidance of Pacha Mama and the Divine I have undergone studying to be best equipped to help and support you in your journey.

Across the blog you can find helpful guides and information around chakras, crystals, various healing tools, techniques  and much more.

Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening is often filled with unknowns. The journey is not linear. In every moment there exists an opportunity for growth and further development. I'd be honoured to walk along side you and support you however I can. Begin your journey with me here.

xo Charlene Lizette


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