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For a large portion of my life I walked in darkness often facing adversity. I would ask my God, Gaia, Pachamama, the Universe, the Divine, why me? Why must I endure such pain. Why must I face betrayal, obstacles, loss, sadness.


For many years my cries went unanswered. Every hit would finding me holding broken pieces of my life. Their jagged edges would cut and make me bleed, yet I’d always survive.

One day while looking at these broken pieces, my Angels delivered a message. “Child, look at all these pieces, you find them broken, but each is whole. Within each moment you have learned a lesson, received a message. You see God knew you would not give up. God knew you would stand up again, stronger, wiser. God is all knowing. God is good.”

In the months that followed, I continued to walk my path in darkness. Trusting every step was guided by the Divine. It was in this journey I learned that my Soul Purpose was to embrace the adversity I faced. For those lessons had a purpose: to help empower every woman through their darkness and help them see their light

I am a Spiritual Teacher and Healer on a mission to empower women through their Spiritual Awakening Journey. Upon entering my journey of single motherhood, I witnessed first hand the limitations, blockages and hurdles women face that hold them back from coming into their true soul purpose. Now I teach and inspire women to find their own voice, connect with Pacha Mama, the Cosmos and Divine Feminine so they may flourish and connect with their limitless potential and power.

xo Charlene Lizette

Xo. C

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